Canon EOS Rebel G

Film photography is growing in popularity after a drop off from everyone moving to digital. Despite all the savings on time, processing costs, and storage, the film look is still popular. A great way to get that look is to use a film camera, such as the Canon EOS Rebel G.

With that SLR, you’ll be able to use Canon EF lenses. These are the same lenses that are used on Canon’s DSLRs. If you already have Canon lenses, the Rebel G is a great choice because they are very inexpensive to buy used. After all, the camera came out in 1996. Over that period of time, it went from something worth hundreds of dollars, to now being able to be found for less than $30.


Having the ability to use a variety of film is an amazing feature of film cameras. Switching between color or black and white, is as easy as sticking in a different roll of film into the Canon Rebel G. Additionally, there are many options for different ISOs. You can find film that is as high as 3200 ISO or go as low as single digit ISO.

You won’t have to fiddle with ND filters or find other ways to work around the problem. You can just use a different roll of film in your EOS camera. The limit of only having a set number of shots is excellent at propelling creativity because every shot needs to count.

Canon Rebel G

All of the camera controls you could want for film photography are included on the camera. You even get 3 autofocus points. Manually controlling the film exposure is easy on the Canon EOS Rebel G. If that’s not what you’re looking for there are also automatic exposure modes to make it easier to focus on your composition.

That’s not the end of it. There are also special AE modes for specific types of photography. The more advance AE modes listed above only work with a solid understanding of the camera settings needed for different types of photography. Also included in the Canon Rebel G:

Rebel G Camera

The features on the camera don’t stop there. Considering the price, the Rebel G is an impressive camera. In terms of flash photography, there is a built in pop-up flash, as well as a hot shoe over the viewfinder. Both Canon Speedlites and third party flashes will work with the camera. You can also use wireless flash triggers with the camera. Any flashes, Speedlites, or strobes you already own and use with a Canon camera, will work with the Rebel G.

To power the camera, two CR123A batteries are needed. This is nice because the batteries are still widely available so tracking them down for your Canon EOS Rebel G will be easy and cheap. Plus, you can find rechargeable options for sale online. Those can be a good choice to save money as you will not need to be constantly replacing batteries in your camera.

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